Laybrook Fishery has four lakes, Byron, Milton, Shelley and Sutton

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Laybrook Fishery

The lakes are situated approximately two miles from the junction of the A24, on the B2133 north west of Ashington. The 4 lakes have a good stock of excellent condition fish including carp, tench, pike, perch roach, bream, rudd and crucians.

There is a toilet block in the car park, suitable for all of the family including less able members.

The club makes every effort to maintain the lakes, fish stocks and surroundings in good condition. It has invested wisely in aerators for each pond and maintains paths, surrounding banks and woodland in harmony with nature. A great many species of birds are regular visitors to this natural haven.

It expects members to do what they can to maintain and enhance the environment during regular work parties.

It has strict rules about net and equipment dipping and using specified tackle for carp fishing.

Bailiffs regularly check memberships and are happy to advise anglers.


This smaller pond is ideal for pleasure fishing and is excellent for beginners or a family day out. It contains roach, rudd, crucians, perch and carp. Although most of the fish here are of small to average size, a few surprises can be caught.

Average depth is 4 to 5 feet, with a number of lily pads. Byron is next to the car park, therefore access to all swims is easy with well maintained paths. There is a swim for less able anglers or wheelchair users.


This lake is connected to Shelley with well maintained paths around it.

It is stocked with carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch and pike often of larger sizes than Byron. Specific tackle is required for carp fishing.

Average depth is 6ft and it has a few lily pads and a small island.


This lake is favoured by our carp anglers and has some very popular swims. A new swim for less able anglers is planned for the near future.

Shelley has fish similar to Milton and often of larger sizes than Byron.

Depth varies from 3 to 9 ft with some lily pads.



Sutton is a small pond with bullrushes and lily pads. It averages 3 to 4ft deep.

It is stocked with crucians, roach, rudd, perch and tench. Whilst it is a little further to walk…it is favoured by pole anglers or families.


Do I have to be a member to fish WDPS waters?


Can I purchase a day ticket for Laybrook Lakes?

Not at the current time.

Do I need a licence to fish WDPS waters?

Yes, you need a WDPS membership book and an EA Rod Licence.

If I join do I have to participate in work parties?

WDPS hopes that all members will try to attend at least one work party a year. It relies on member support to keep the fishery in good order.

Are there disabled facilities at Laybrook?

There is a toilet with supports to help less able members and a purpose built swim.

Does WDPS have strict rules for members?

WDPS has a clear set of rules to ensure that the fish are kept as safe and healthy as possible and to ensure the fishery is kept in good order. If members can’t abide by the rules they will be excluded. 

Is the fishery suitable for families?

WDPS welcomes family members and has good toilet facilities. However parents have total responsibility for their children ( who must be accompanied at all times) and children must behave appropriately to ensure everyone’s safety.

Is it easy to join and what does it cost?

Membership applications are welcome at the start of each season and forms are available on this site for a limited time. The membership is capped at 200.  The fees are published on the membership form and are subject to annual change.

Can I go night fishing?

Currently night fishing is limited to 24 hours only.

Does the club adhere to COVID guidance?

WDPS has strict COVID guidelines which are published on the website and on the fishery notice board. These must be adhered to.